The Constitution of 1973

Pakistan's Legislative History

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Presented here are Acts, Orders, Ordinances and other legal instruments that constitute Pakistan's legislative history. These documents are being posted as they become available, and the presence or otherswise of any document should not be construed as a statement on its importance, or agreement or otherwise with its subject matter.

Disclaimer: The text of various documents is taken directly from the sources as mentioned. Modifications have been made to the formatting to enhance clarity and HTML presentation. No responsibility is taken for any inaccuracies. However, please point out any errors you come across, so they can be promptly verified and fixed.

By year: 2007 | 2006 | 2004 | 1999 (Post Oct-12) | 1998 | 1991 | 1860
By subject: Hudood Laws


National Reconciliation Ordinance, 2007 - (Issued on October 5, 2007)


Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Bill, 2006 a.k.a. Women's Protection Bill (Passed by National Assembly on Nov 15, 2006 and the Senate on Nov 23, 2006. Presidential assent granted on Dec 1, 2006.)


President to Hold Another Office Act, 2004. (Act VII of 2004) - Presidential assent granted November 30, 2004.

1999 (Post Oct-12)





Acts of Parliament

Fifteenth Amendment (1998)


II Ehtesab (Amendment) Ordinance
V Eradication of Corrupt Business Practices Ordinance
Foreign Exchange (Temporary Restrictions) Ordinance
IX The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Ordinance
X The Contempt of Court Ordinance
XI The Pakistan Fish Inspection and Quality Control (Amendment) Ordinance
XII The Pakistan Armed Forces (Acting in aid of Civil Power) Ordinance
XIII The Pakistan Armed Forces (Acting in aid of Civil Power) (Amendment) Ordinance
XIV The Sales Tax (Second Amendment) Ordinance
XV The Marriage (Prohibition of Wasteful Expenses) (Amendment) Ordinance
XVI Customs (Amendment) Ordinance
XVII The Pakistan Armed Forces (Acting in aid of the Civil Power) (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 1998
XVIII Electricity (Amendment) Ordinance
XIX Offences in respect of Electricity (Emergency Provisions) Ordinance
XX Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Amendment) Ordinance
XXI The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 1998
XXII The Drugs (Amendment) Ordinance, 1998

Other orders/documents


Enforcement of Shar'iah Act (Act X of 1991)


Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1860) - up-to-date with all amendments.

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