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President's Order No. 12 of 1982

15th August 1982

Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part I, 15th August 1982

In pursuance of the Proclamation of the fifth day of July, 1977, read with the Laws (Continuance in Force) Order, of 1977 (C.M.L.A. Order No.1 of 1977), and in exercise of all powers enabling him in that behalf, the President is pleased to make the following Order:-
1.Short title and commencement.
(1) This Order may be called the Constitution (Third Amendment) Order, 1982.
(2) It shall come into force at once.
2.Amendment of Article 203-F of the Constitution.
In the Constitution, in Article 203-F, for clause (3) the following shall be substituted, namely :-
"(3) For the purpose of the exercise of the jurisdiction conferred by this Article, there shall be constituted in the Supreme Court a Bench to be called the Shariat Appellate Bench and consisting of—
(a) Three Muslim Judges of the Supreme Court; and
(b) not more than two Ulema to be appointed by the President to attend sittings of the Bench as ad hoc members thereof from amongst the Judges of the Federal Shariat Court or from out of a panel of Ulema to be drawn up by the President in consultation with the Chief Justice.
(4) A person appointed under paragraph (b) of clause (3) shall hold office for such period as the President may determine.
(5) References in clause (1) and (2) to "Supreme Court shall be construed as a reference to the Shariat Appellate Bench.
(6) While attending sittings of the Shariat Appellate Bench, a person appointed under paragraph (b) of clause (3) shall have the same power and jurisdiction, and be entitled to the same privileges, as a Judge of the Supreme Court, and be paid such allowances as the President may determine."

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